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Ben began his creative and artistic explorations as a child, drawing and imagining a variety of fantastical creatures and worlds.  This artistic process and exploration has continued, in one form or another, into the present.  He hopes to bring a sense of joy, wonder, and playfulness to others through the sharing of his art.

As a freelance illustrator, Ben has studied a variety of both traditional and digital art mediums.  He majored in Fine Art, studying within the Computer Animation & Fine Art programs while he was in college at SFSU.  These days the bulk of his artwork is done digitally using Procreate, Photoshop, and / or AI combined with Procreate, though at times he also likes to step away from the computer and do illustrations using pen & pencil, as well as painting with acrylic, and watercolor paints.  Overall, he enjoys consistently challenging himself in new ways, so that his artistic vision, and expression may continue to evolve, as inspired from within, and without.  

In 2020 Ben began his explorations into the NFT space.  He appreciates the community aspect within the space, the evolving technology, and the increased opportunities it provides digital artists and creators in general. 


Stay tuned, more to come!

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