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- Genesis Collection -

MetaMuffin #2243.png

We find ourselves in the Lantrusian Galaxy, dwelling amongst it’s billion’s of planets and stars, on a little, sparkling blue green planet, named Torgon…  the year is 2304.

On Planet Torgon, something very strange has happened, which has brought both curiosity and fair amount trepidation to the Torgonian populace.  On a clear summer day, as hundreds of Torgonians were going about their daily routines, a large portal was seen temporarily opening up in the sky above them, what many are now calling 'The Big Oven in the Sky'.  From it a steady stream of large and curious muffin-beings were witnessed raining down from the sky.  When all was said and done, a total of 2,222 muffins had emerged, before the portal closed itself back up and then mysteriously vanished.  These muffins are now being referred to by the Torgonian populace as 'MetaMuffins' (muffins from the beyond).  This miraculous muffin mob has been observed to include a wide variety of different personalities, and toppings. They all appear to be freshly baked (some maybe a bit more baked than others) and eager to explore this new land they have found themselves in.

More info. can be found at the official MetaMuffins website!

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