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The first Shoonya Art Illustrated Novel 
is now in the works!...​
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"A science fiction tale of interplanetary adventure, community, and love...​and of course, space cupcakes." 

​"We find ourselves in the Lantrusian Galaxy, dwelling amongst it’s billion’s of planets and stars, 
on a little, sparkling blue planet, named Torgon.  The year is 2304..."

This is a story about Norm Smortly, his home away from home, and the adventures that ensue.  Norm is a 2nd year exchange student, studying accounting at the Torgon Multi-Galactic University (TMGU).  He’s visiting planet Torgon from his home planet, Spleendak, which is found on the outer periphery of the Lantrusian Galaxy.  He entered the university in large part due to the pressure of his parents Borg and Velma Smortly, both native Spleendakians who are of the Wog-Jop species.  They are both in their 120’s, which is around middle age for a Wog-Jop, with some living to be close to 300 years old.  Norm is currently 72, and recently completed his Wog-Jop Worm pupal stage, a few years back.  He also works at a bakery in downtown Tech-tropolis, and has a silverback gorilla boss, named Lou.

Planet Torgon, has been a relatively peaceful and harmonious place for those living there, for most of it’s known history.  This has changed in the last hundred years though, as this planetary harmony has been threatened.  This threat has come in the form of mechanized droids, and robots, usually remotely controlled, which periodically raid and pirate Torgon, for its valuable energy-mineral resources.  They are drawn to Torgon specifically, for on the planet is found a rare energy-mineral called Torganite Ipsillium.  This energy mineral travels beneath the surface of the ground in vast energetic webs, networks, and springs throughout the majority of the planet.  It is most highly concentrated in a specific area of Torgon, called the ‘Ipsillium Energy Fields’.  To combat this new threat, a community of devoted protectors of the Ipsillium Energy Fields has arisen.  Among these devoted protectors, is an elite squad of individuals, nicknamed 'The Ipsillium Squad', each with their own unique powers, skills, and abilities, which they utilize together to help protect their planet’s valuable resources, and its inhabitants. 

​To see more art and excerpts from the book, and follow the progress of it on IG and/or FB, ​​please click below... ​
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